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Election Day: 5 Things That May Sway Voters To Romney Last Minute

On the eve of election day 2012, both Candidates made their final arguments before voters head to the booth. While most polls are still looking really tight and all the political pundits are making their predictions, no one really knows who is going to win until the night of November 6th, maybe even later, depending on how close it end up being. These are the five things in the last week that could change the outcome of the election last minute.

5. “Voting is the Best Revenge”

Although it’s not a campaign losing gaffe, Obama’s “voting is the best revenge” remark shows voters what his real way of thinking is. President Obama doesn’t make decision on whether or not something is right or wrong, whether is it constitutional or not, He makes his decisions based on revenge. Although Obama doesn’t specify what the revenge is for, I think we can all guess what he is talking about, “get back at the evil, rich, Republicans because they have been lying, cheating and stealing from you for years.” If Obama voted based on revenge when he was an senator, then I’m glad he didn’t vote much. After seeing Romney’s response to Obama’s revenge quote, it is clear who sounds more presidential and who has a more respectable view of Americans.

4.  October’s Unemployment Numbers

While some in the mainstream media are claiming it to be a good thing, the October unemployment numbers that came out a few days ago show an increase in the unemployment rate from 7.8 in September to 7.9 in October. They claim it’s good because it shows more people looking for work, but what good does that do if businesses are still not hiring? Only the Obama administration and the complicit media can say last month that a lower unemployment number is a good thing and then turn around and say this months higher unemployment is a good thing as well. Sorry, but you can’t have it both ways.

Although 7.8 to 7.9 is not a huge increase in unemployment by any stretch of the imagination, it shows that things still aren’t going in the right direction. We still have a failing economy and a huge unemployment problem, If he hasn’t shown any progress in the last four years, what makes you think he will in the next four?  While the Media and the Obama administration are trying to persuade the people that the October unemployment numbers are good, barely anyone is buying it.

3. Handling of Hurricane Sandy

While a lot of people believe Obama did a good job handling hurricane Sandy, a lot of people disagree saying he used it as 1. a way to stop having to answer questions about Benghazi and 2. A way to show himself as a leader in a time of crises. Many say he hasn’t done enough and that he is too busy focusing on his reelection. Many are even calling this “Obama’s Katrina.” Don’t take it from me, take it from the victims themselves:

The far-left liberal media such as Salon, Slate  and MSNBC still continue to criticizing Romney for collecting cans for the Sandy victims, yet there are still people in need of food, clothes and much more. Try telling someone who has to dumpster dive for the first time in their life that the Red Cross has it under control and that we don’t need Romney or anyone else to donate anything besides money. Only someone like MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell can complain about food donations to hurricane victims. I don’t think the victims care in any way who supplied their food or cloths.  This just shows that even in time of crises, the liberals will still criticize Romney for doing something good.  Needles to say, The whole east coast might take a better look at who they are voting for after comparing the responses of both candidates to the disaster.

2. Media Bias / Media Accusations

From Solon blaming Mitt Romney for a meningitis outbreak to Chris Matthews claiming that Romney’s response to the Obama’s “revenge” remark was racist, the liberals are pulling out all the stops to paint Romney as a rich, evil, out of touch racist who doesn’t care about women, minorities, and anyone who isn’t Mormon. This is not a new tactic for the left, this has been done for years. Because of the fact that it’s been used too much, especially in the last four years, People are starting to become aware of it and in a way, immune to it. The more it becomes apparent to people that it is just a scare tactic into voting for Democrats, the more the liberals use it, thus making it worn out and ineffective.

More people are starting to notice the media not only focusing in on, but criticizing Romney and praising Obama, no matter what the situation is. More people are starting to see the media as Obama lemmings and more people are starting to notice the left-wing media’s unhealthy obsession with Romney. Distortions, half truths, and downright lies can only take you so far in the media before your bias starts showing and people start seeing you for who you really are, an Obama campaigner in an newsman’s chair. As one of my favorite founding fathers John Adams once said “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”

1. New CBS Unreleased Video

Although this video should say it all, I will write a few words on why this is very important. If anything should sway votes away from Obama and towards Romney, It’s this video. This is proof that Obama lied to the American people and that the media a.k.a Candy Crowley helped him out of it, until this video came out earlier today. In the interview with CBS’s Steve Kroft on September 12th, right after his speech in the rose garden, the president would not say whether it was a terrorist attack after being pressed on the question. There you have it, Mitt Romney +1, Obama and Crowley -1.

Hopefully enough people see this video before they go out and vote today, depending of when you read this. Hopefully the media has, and will continue to report on it. Hopefully voters will realize what this video means, our president lied to us, again, and expected us not to find out. Hopefully people will decide to really look at which candidate is better for them, not fall for the same old rhetoric. But these are only hopes. And as we know from President Barack Obama’s last four years in office, we can’t survive on hope alone.

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